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Set Julian Assange free

See the new petition to set Julian Assange free on, which you are also welcome to sign. Many have already done so already. The petition refers to the UN’s Nils Melzer and highlights Sweden’s responsibility:

Assange was arrested for breach of bail in the UK, an act which is not a crime, as he feared extradition to Sweden for accusations of rape raised by the Swedish police. Melzer holds that Assange subsequent fear of extradition to Sweden and then further to the US was well founded.

The UN report argues that this and a number of other serious breaches of law may have been carried out by the authorities during the process against Assange. Sweden has, since it started this ball to roll, under the Protection from torture treaty (CAT) a responsibility also for the pain inflicted upon Assange in Belmarsh and Britain. The Swedish prosecutor and police have refused to respond to claims presented in letter of 12 September 2019. Not to respond to the Melzer/UN report and the serious accusations it presents is unacceptable. It undermines the authority of the United Nations.

Also a group of international jurists are calling for Julian Assange’s immediate release. The jurists’ letter to British authorities asks for the rule of law to be upheld.

“Modern witch trial” against Assange

In a recent interview on German TV, the UN expert Nils Melzer said about the Julian Assange case:

It is a modern witch trial. The purpose is to set an example to deter the public and especially the media, and to ensure that the media does not release information about state misconduct in an uncontrolled manner.

Earlier, Melzer said about the same case:

In 20 years of work with victims of war, violence and political persecution I have never seen a group of democratic states ganging up to deliberately isolate, demonise and abuse a single individual for such a long time and with so little regard for human dignity and the rule of law

Also the Council of Europe (in section 6.2 of Resolution 2317) join the recommendation:

Assange’s extradition to the United States must be barred and that he must be promptly released

See also a recent interview with Thérèse Juel in Swedish (the part about Assange starts at around 46:30 into the video).

Julian Assange, 2013. Source:

Prisoners tortured in Ukraine

In a recent report, the UN strongly criticizes that prisoners are tortured on both sides the front line of the war in eastern Ukraine. The UN is also critical of the widespread impunity that prevails in Ukraine (including for the killings at Maidan and the fire at the Trade Unions building in Odesa in 2014) and attacks on human rights defenders, activists and media workers. Read the report in English, Russian, Ukrainian, related news in Swedish on Swedish Radio. or other OHCHR reports on Ukraine.

Human rights in Sweden reviewed

The human rights situation in Sweden has again been reviewed in the UN’s Universal Periodic Review (UPR), during January 2020. Accoun has, together with Charta 2008, submitted a report for the review.

Our submission was found admissible and is by the UN referred to as JS7. However, almost all of the issues we highlight are excluded in the “Summary of Stakeholders’ submissions on Sweden” (which can be downloaded under “Third Cycle” on Unfortunately the summary neglects some of the most severe human rights abuses related to Sweden and neglects the case related to the UN sanctions system. For example, the impunity issues and lack of rule of law we reported are absent in the summary’s section on “Administration of justice, including impunity, and the rule of law”.

We were also sad to see that reporting by media and other NGOs about the review of Sweden seems to have neglected some of the most severe human rights issues, desipte that we sent our report to some of them.

Tim Bakken’s new book

David Swanson writes:

West Point Professor Tim Bakken’s new book The Cost of Loyalty: Dishonesty, Hubris, and Failure in the U.S. Military [link added] traces a path of corruption, barbarism, violence, and unaccountability that makes its way from the United States’ military academies (West Point, Annapolis, Colorado Springs) to the top ranks of the U.S. military and U.S. governmental policy, and from there into a broader U.S. culture that, in turn, supports the subculture of the military and its leaders.

The U.S. Congress and presidents have ceded tremendous power to generals. The State Department and even the U.S. Institute of Peace are subservient to the military. The corporate media and the public help maintain this arrangement with their eagerness to denounce anyone who opposes the generals. Even opposing giving free weapons to Ukraine is now quasi-treasonous.

Within the military, virtually everyone has ceded power to those of higher rank. Disagreeing with them is likely to end your career, a fact that helps explain why so many military officials say what they really think about the current wars just after retiring.

But why does the public go along with out of control militarism?

Read the entire review on

Jeffrey Epstein coverup

Jeffrey Epstein was a billionaire with close connections to many powerful people in the world. He was also a convicted sex offender and was found dead in his cell in New York on the 10 August 2019. See the Epstein Coverup Story on Project Veritas, where news anchor Amy Robach expresses her frustration over that ABC News refused to air material about Epstein for years.

After that it has been reported that someone has been fired at CBS, for exposing the coverup, but apparently it was the wrong person, according to the ABC insider who gave Project Veritas the Robach tape.