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Fake history made in Sweden

Last year, an updated edition was published of the book I mörka vatten (In dark waters), written by Mathias Mossberg. The book explains how parts of the Swedish military, in cooperation with USA/NATO, deceived the Swedish people regarding foreign submarines in Swedish waters. To cover up what really happened, some Swedish insiders have apparently made documentation disappear and replaced it with fake history, blaming everything on Soviet/Russia. Others, who have tried to tell the truth, have for example been bullied. The book also asks the question if Swedish politician Carl Bildt was fooled himself of if he fooled the rest of us?

This deceit still continues today. For example, if you visit the Swedish Naval Museum in Karlskrona, take a close look at the exhibition regarding the cold war and compare it to what Mossberg writes. The exhibition tells visitors that “unlike NATO, which focused on defense, the Warsaw Pact had detailed attack plans”, while the reality was probably that NATO countries were successfully conducting psychological warfare against Sweden. Another Swedish politician, Ingvar Carlsson, appears on video in the exhibition. Was he also fooled or is he still fooling us today?

It looks like the Swedish Armed Forces has tried a submarine trick again in recent years, in order to get more funds and scare Sweden to get closer to NATO.

Now, Swedish newspapers report that:

Sweden is subject to constant attacks by Russian senders. But despite increased awareness and an increasingly aggressive Russia, there is a lack of resources, according to the Psyop unit that monitors the information environment.

It is of course likely that Russia is involved in information warfare, but they are hardly the only ones, and it is clear that Russia does not have media supremacy in Sweden. The Psyop unit, like so some other Swedish authorities, seem to be leaving out very essential information.

Can Swedes really trust their own military today? Who does the military really serve?

Child murders continue under Trump

At the end of January, The Intercept reported that president Trump personally authorized an attack in Yemen, where one of the killed was an 8-year old girl, Nawar. Her 16-year old brother Abdulrahman was killed by a drone strike under the Obama administration. The Bureau of Investigative Journalism provides more details on the nine young children killed in the recent attack and reminds about Trump’s campaign statement to take out the families of terrorists. According to The New York Times, the White House continues to insist that the attack was a “success”, but Yemen’s reaction has been strong.

Furthermore, an editorial in Business Insider points out that:

  • Obama started US involvement in Yemen secretly and illegally
  • SEALs were sent into the line of fire without constitutionally-required authorization from Congress
  • US intervention in Yemen not defending any American interests, it is counterproductively fostering the very terrorists