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Police reports made in Sweden

During 2023, Accoun has made two police reports. The first one is about the poor handling of the Nord Stream case. The latest one, about recently signed Defence Cooperation Agreement between Sweden and the US, can be downloaded here (in Swedish, OpenDocument Text format). Feel free to use it if you also want to make a police report about this.

Update, February 2024: In the beginning of 2024, we have as a supplement to our latest police report requested that Sweden’s NATO application and DCA be immediately annulled, pending a full investigation into whether any of this violates Swedish law. We have also stated more reasons, why we think Swedish law has been violated.

Update, June 2024: Appeal sent regarding DCA, first to the police and then to the public prosecutor. See

Remember the Libyan disaster

A recent article by Manlio Dinucci reminds us about the misery brougt to Libya by NATO:

Today more than 600,000 migrants of around 45 nationalities are trapped in Libya, practically reduced to a state of slavery, forced to work without pay and beaten. More and more are those who ask not to be brought to Europe, but to return to their countries to escape this condition. Particularly dramatic is that of young women, sold at auction, raped and forced into prostitution.

All this thanks to the operation “Unified Protector” that, informs the Italian Ministry of Defense, was carried out by NATO in 2011 for “the protection of civilians in Libya”.

Even the NATO “hang around” Sweden participated militarily in the attack on Libya – a war that Stephen Lendman calls a Nuremberg level crime. Before, Libya had the highest Human Development Index in Africa. How come so many people are still buying the narrative that NATO is for protection, when reality has shown so clearly what NATO has brought to Libya?

In Denmark, also journalists are intimidated

Recently, some Danes have been charged under section 109 of the Danish Criminal Code, which carries a maximum sentence of 12 years in prison, for leaking state secrets. One of them is the head of the Danish Defence Intelligence Service, Lars Findsen. Another is the former Defence Minister, Claus Hjort Frederiksen. Danish Radio reports (link to content in Danish) that:

Last month, the Defense Intelligence Service (FE) and the Police Intelligence Service (PET) held talks with Danish media houses, reminding the chiefs that stories based on leaked information could also be a breach of the clause.

And that message is described by the editor-in-chief of Weekendavisen, Martin Krasnik, as intimidating.

Charlotta Friborg at Swedish Television (link to content in Swedish/Danish) says:

I think that what I hear about what is happening in Denmark right now is very worrying. Denmark has a constitutional ban on censorship, just like Sweden. This means that you as a publisher can be held responsible for your publications afterwards. That’s a whole other thing. That authorities call in media representatives to warn or teach, I think is unprecedented

Silencing the critical voices

In many parts of the world, we are seeing how critical voices are often silenced, if they speak out against the official narrative. Big Tech seems to go hand in hand with government agencies, in these cases. Also highly qualified people are affected. Often the silencing is underreported. A recent example is that Twitter has suspended virologist Robert Malone. One of the few large news outlets to report about this is RT.

The unreported experiments conducted on Danish orphans

Two days ago, Danish Radio published information about secret experiments conducted on Danish orphans (link to content in Danish). The experiments were conducted decades ago and were backed by the CIA. There was no proper informed consent. The children were not told what research they were involved in, not even after the experiment ended. Jacob Knage Rasmussen says:

It is particularly problematic to have used placed children, as they are a vulnerable group in the custody of the state, who do not immediately have anyone speaking their case.

In Sweden, neighbour country to Denmark, this is so far (29 Dec. 2021) unreported by major media. Instead, reporting about Covid occupies so much of the news here these days.