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The legal system must be better protected

Too often the legal system is misused to simply frame someone, rather than creating real justice. In some cases, this can be traced to undue interference from government agencies or from the top level of government. As an example, read the criticism of 9/11 trial. The legal system must be better protected from such abuses and those obstructing justice must be brought to justice.

The lies of western democracies

Does it sound far-fetched that western democracies and the UN could blame an aircraft disaster on the wrong country? Or that an innocent person could be found guilty in the largest case of mass murder in UK history? Not after reading about the Lockerbie bombing on Al Jazeera (in English) and Anders Carlgren’s blog (in Swedish). This raises many questions. For example, did the Swedish police for political reasons drop the investigation of the main suspect? Perhaps the west owes Libya not only huge war reparations for destroying their country in 2011 but also indemnity for the falsifications in the Lockerbie case?

New revelations from WikiLeaks

An important precondition for accountability is of course that information is not withheld about possible wrongdoings. That is one reason why WikiLeaks is so hated by many governments. They don’t want accountability. They are so afraid that WikiLeaks will make ordinary people, the tax-payers, able to find out how governments are misusing taxes and are involved in crime. Luckily, they have not been able to stop WikiLeaks, despite many attempts. Therefore, we can for example read new revelations about economic spying (although some of this has been known or at least suspected before, it is important to get more proof). Also, don’t miss the recent interview with Julian Assange.

Tax-funded murders?

Although the cases of Sandra Bland (link to Democracy Now) and MH17 (link to interview with Paul Craig Roberts) are very different, both contain suspected perpetrators that are tax-funded.

Of the two, the best chances for justice are probably for Sandra Bland. If an ordinary police officer would be suspected to have caused her death, there may even be a trial (with secret police, it is usually a different story). Notice that media has not yet accused anyone for her death.

Regarding MH17, governments are involved and much of mainstream media already published their conclusion that rebels / Russia / Putin are the guilty. However, we know such media has reported lies before (remember the alleged weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and so on). This time we must be skeptical and not let anyone fool us. The USA and Ukraine must also be seriously investigated regarding MH17.

Ley Mordaza

The state in the world today, the International Justice Day, gives little reason to celebrate. Impunity is more or less practice for certain groups in many countries. The principle of equality before the law is often very far from reality. This is a main reason for the seemingly never-ending story of horrible human rights abuses. The perpetrators are too often those who are supposed to protect us, but do the opposite. The development is not going in the right direction. One example is Spain’s controversial law called Ley Mordaza, which is now in force. Among other things, the law makes it illegal to take unauthorized photos of the police (making it difficult to document police brutality, of course). Even social media activism can be fined. It smells not like justice, but like a totalitarian police state.

Looting of Greece

Will the leaders who are allowing the looting of Greece to take place ever be held accountable? Probably they will be rewarded instead. Notice also how much of mainstream media that call the looting for rescue (because a flawed banking system is rescued?) and how they fail to mention important facts, such as the problems of high military spending and tax evasion. Read Paul Craig Roberts’ article and the New Statesman interview with Yanis Varoufakis.