Monthly Archives: September 2014

Fueling civil wars

To fuel civil wars in foreign countries is a type of activity, which some governments are obviously keen on. This is affecting millions of innocent people, who often become refugees, as a consequence. Two examples are Libya and Syria. Professor Ola Tunander has in his book The geopolitics of the Libyan war – Humanitarian intervention or colonial warfare? (in Swedish) reported that some western countries were from the beginning involved in creating the war to achieve regime change. More western countries later got involved in the Libyan war, including Norway and Sweden. In Syria, perhaps the strangest twist is that the USA is now reported to be fighting on all sides of the war. In both Libya and Syria, the result of the involvement of foreign countries in the civil wars is that the situation is much worse than before.

How much longer can we stand that our governments are playing criminal games with other nations, and almost always get away with it?