Monthly Archives: November 2019

Jeffrey Epstein coverup

Jeffrey Epstein was a billionaire with close connections to many powerful people in the world. He was also a convicted sex offender and was found dead in his cell in New York on the 10 August 2019. See the Epstein Coverup Story on Project Veritas, where news anchor Amy Robach expresses her frustration over that ABC News refused to air material about Epstein for years.

After that it has been reported that someone has been fired at CBS, for exposing the coverup, but apparently it was the wrong person, according to the ABC insider who gave Project Veritas the Robach tape.

Framing Julian Assange

Read in Independent Australia how the FBI tried to make Iceland a complicit ally in framing Julian Assange, Former Icelandic Interior Minister Ögmundur Jónasson says:

WikiLeaks was bringing out the truth, revelaing crimes which should have been taken to court. This has been prevented. So the charges brought against the publisher are, in reality, charges against free speech and freedom of the press. The American police and secret services are trying to create an atmosphere of impunity, where they can do anything. Even when they landed here, they were showing contempt for democracy.

What they are doing to Assange is in opposition to the American Constitution and the principles of human rights, they claim they are protecting.