Monthly Archives: October 2020

Municipal referendum canceled in Arboga, Sweden

Earlier, we wrote on this web page that Sweden’s handling of the coronavirus has not included repressive measures and should in that respect serve as a good example. However, there is one disgraceful exception from that.

In the city of Arboga in central Sweden, a citizen’s initiative reached enough support for a municipal referendum to be held regarding a public school (all links in this post are to content in Swedish). However, the referendum was first postponed, with reference to the coronavirus, which was probably just a poor excuse. Sweden’s state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell saw no obstacles to a referendum in Arboga. Now the referendum has been canceled by the leading politicians in Arboga, who in this way pushed through the permanent closure of a public school in Medåker (in Arboga municipality) something they wanted all along.

Will UK allow authorities to kidnap and murder?

The “Covert Human Intelligence Sources Bill” is rushed through UK parliament. It may allow undercover agents from 13 different law enforcement and government agencies to break the criminal law. Kenny MacAskill is one of many who think it goes too far:

The powers being authorised legitimise actions by police and the security services that are simply unacceptable in a democracy. Allowing the most serious criminality, including potentially kidnap and murder, not only threatens our society but can corrode those institutions from within.