Monthly Archives: April 2017

Swedish arms exports

Sweden used to be a country known for neutrality and strive for peace. However, abandoning those principles step by step seems to have coincided with an increase in Swedish arms exports. Calculated per person, Sweden is nowadays one of the countries that sell the most weapons in the world, according to the Swedish Peace and Arbitration Society (all links in this post are to Swedish content). Despite guidelines that should prevent this, Sweden sells military equipment to both countries at war and dictatorships. The Swedish newspaper Dagens Industri recently defended the Swedish arms exports and wrote about “responsibility for the Swedish peace and freedom in the future”. Well, despite Sweden’s soaring arms exports, our prospects for peace somehow seem worse than before. “Sweden can be at war within a few years”, was last year stated by the army chief. And the wars we support in other countries (sometimes not only by selling arms) can be a reason for terrorist attacks here. The following video is a few years old, but is still a powerful statement against the hypocrisy.

Säpo in the news again

On this site, we have earlier highlighted some of the questionable activities of the Swedish Security Service (Säpo). Recently, Säpo has been in the news again (the following links are to content in Swedish):