Monthly Archives: March 2017

An insider’s view of the CIA

As news are spread about WikiLeaks‘ recently published documents on CIA hacking tools and espionage orders for the 2012 French election, it is worth reminding about Colonel L. Fletcher Prouty. See The Col. L Fletcher Prouty Reference Site and his book The Secret Team: The CIA and Its Allies in Control of the United States and the World, where he writes that:

It must be uncovered. It must be made known. It must be exposed to the light. And then it must be told No. To be effective, this means that Congress must cut its money off, not only at the central source, but at all the hidden nerve centers.

Before it is too late, we Americans must realize that this great cancer exists.

The murders of women in Honduras

The murder of Berta Cáceres still receives some attention in the media, for example in The Guardian, which recently wrote that it was an extrajudicial killing planned by military intelligence specialists linked to the country’s US–trained special forces. Before the assassination in her home, she singled out Clinton for her role supporting the Honduran coup. See also Justice for Berta,

Last year, the activist Lesbia Janeth Urquía was also killed in Honduras.

It reminds about the statement “anyone can murder a woman in Honduras and nothing will happen“.