Monthly Archives: February 2015

Governments responsible for pollution

Military and civilian authorities are too often responsible for putting our environment at risk, not just by failing to protect the environment in general terms. Sometimes they are even directly responsible for pollution. One example is the German submarine U-864, which transported mercury when she was sunk during World War II. After 70 years, this is a lasting threat to the North Sea. Other examples are dumped nuclear reactors and lost nuclear weapons, such as on Greenland.

In Sweden, a case hase recently been revealed where tons of poison, including DDT, was deliberately dumped by authorities. Read the testimony by one of the drivers (in Swedish). Also the Swedish military is critisized for other cases, where decontamination has not been done. Not surprisingly, they have their own supervisory authority, which seems to let them get away with it (subscribers of Dagens Industri can read the article in Swedish).

NATO’s criminal past

As some look to NATO for their security these days, we need to be reminded about NATO’s criminal past. This does not only involve alleged war crimes, but also links to terrorism. European security services appear to have betrayed their own people, by protecting the criminals. Watch NATO’s Secret Armies.

Whatever evil NATO is involved in, there seems to be impunity, which is the hallmark of government-related crime. It is an ongoing failure of our legal system that must be stopped.

Wrongful execution

A court in China today sentenced a man to death for crimes which another person, Huugjilt, was wrongly executed for before. It is also reported that China has embarked on legal reforms, including reducing the use of the death penalty, as public discontent mounts over wrongful punishment. The terrible history of wrongful executions, which have not only happened in China, should make them abolish capital punishment.