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Is the military the largest threat?

In the UK, the military threat to democracy is a hot topic after an army general warned that Jeremy Corbyn could face “a mutiny” from the military if he became prime minister. Although the general has been described as an “idiot”, it would not be surprising if there is some truth to what the general said. Remember that in 1976, prime minister Harold Wilson resigned, apparently under pressure of a planned military coup. Dark forces have probably already mobilized against Corbyn to explore many different ways to undermine him.

The military can be a threat to much more than democracy. Recently, a whistleblower warned on WikiLeaks that Trident submarines are a nuclear disaster waiting to happen.

Another threat is that the military-industrial complex has such an appetite for money and wars, which divert focus and resources from more important issues in the strive for a sustainable development.

Saudi Arabia will head human rights panel

“It’s like making a pyromaniac into the town fire chief”, according to Hillel Neuer of UN Watch. In The Intercept, we can read how USA welcomes Saudi Arabias leadership position and that they are close allies, while 21-year-old Ali Mohammed al-Nimr is waiting to be executed for engaging in demonstrations against the Saudi government. According to Reprieve (UK), which has started a petition to spare the life of al-Nimr, he was tortured and forced to sign a false confession before being sentenced to death by crucifixion.

In the meantime, Saudi Arabia is also continuing their war on Yemen, which is reported to cause many refugees. However, nothing is stopping the export of weapons to Saudi Arabia, even from Sweden.

It seems like living by double standards is nowadays a key qualification for many positions.

Postcard campaign about refugee crisis

With inspiration from other human rights associations’ postcard campaigns, when grassroots write for example to foreign leaders responsible for torture, Accoun has in Sweden organized a campaign to write about the refugee crisis to Swedish keypersons . We want to highlight that we in the west must stop making people refugees, something that is otherwise too often ignored.

The truth is that Swedish leaders have for many years played along with leaders in other western democracies, to promote war and violent regime changes, which have been huge failures. Often, this has been done in the name of democracy and humanitarian intervention, but made bad situations worse. Our elite, with the help of mainstream media, sometimes try to fool the public, and often succeed. However, more and more of us ordinary people are starting to see through the lies and hypocrisy, which has reached such heights that we can not stand it anymore.

Sweden’s former prime minister Göran Persson said last month that the arm should be twisted on EU politicians who do not take responsibility in the refugee issue. How about if he and other Swedes would take some responsibility for example for their involvement in the Iraq war, which is a root cause why so many people have become refugees. Another Swedish former prime minister, Carl Bildt, worked as a top lobbyist for the war (see page 36 in From Neutrality to NATO). Read more (in Swedish) how Swedish military helped planning the bombing of Baghdad, how Swedish weapons were smuggled to the attackers and some even found their way to infamous mercenaries.

If you want information about our campaign, write to us on

Working with Gestapo

Sweden’s most shameful atrocities during World War II were probably carried out by the Swedish Security Service (Säpo), which cooperated with the German Gestapo and sent refugees to torture and death. See for example an archived article (in Swedish) by Lars Johansson.

Unfortunately, this history seems to repeat itself. Today, Säpo and other Swedish authorities are apparently cooperating with other foreign Gestapo-like organizations, showing no respect for human rights. It makes you wonder if the Swedish organizations are totally infiltrated and are actually serving foreign interests rather than the Swedish people? The result has again been torture and death. Especially refugees are threatened. Watch a video published earlier this year (in Swedish), exposing a glimpse of the shameful game Sweden is still playing.