‘European bazaar’

Edward Snowden’s¬†explanations of the ‘European bazaar’ should not come as a surprise to any of the European politicians and other officials involved in signals intelligence. They must have understood long ago that they have played their part in a game, where their own citizens have been betrayed, but they quietly accepted it. Not so surprising, […]

European countries’ role as a vassal states exposed again

Lately, some European countries’ role as vassal states have been exposed to the public again, in particular by two events: 1. The withdrawal of military from Afghanistan (?) The failure of the war in Afghanistan has been known for a long time, but it was only after the United States decided to withdraw their military […]

Dangerous development in the Nordic region

In the Nordic region, there are many signs of a dangerous development where parts of the military seem to be out of democratic control. Many of those who were entrusted to defend their people seem to be doing something else. In Denmark, it has been exposed that their military is spying on its own people […]

Will there ever be justice for the Belgacom hack?

The Intercept recently wrote about how UK spies hacked a European ally and got away with it. However, the UK’s sigint agency GCHQ were obviously not hacking Belgacom on their own. Information is also available that the Swedish sigint agency FRA participated in similar type of activity. Both GCHQ and FRA are believed to participate […]