Repressive coronavirus measures

From many countries around the world, we have unfortunately heard about many examples of how measures against the new coronavirus violate human rights or are used as an excuse for more or less dictatorial powers. Two discouraging examples, of many, are Bolivia and Russia.

Also the UN has addressed these issues and UN News reports that “police and other security forces are using excessive and sometimes deadly force to enforce lockdowns and curfews”.

At Accoun we have been critical against the decline in respect for human rights in Sweden, but we are glad that Sweden’s handling of the coronavirus has not included repressive measures and should in that respect serve as a good example.

Accoun’s web site is banned on Facebook

Have you heard about censorship on social media and thought that it doesn’t happen to me? Well, you can try to publish a link to this website,, on Facebook. Then see for yourself. We first noticed the problem on the 12 June 2020. Also older posts/comments including links to seem to have been removed from Facebook. Despite that we tried to protest against this censorship, the situation is still the same, as shown by the screendump below. If you would find that Facebook’s ban of has ended, please contact us so we know. To circumvent the censorship, writing accoun org (without dot) seems to still work on Facebook.

More news about censorship on Wikipedia

At Accoun, we have earlier brought news about censorship on Wikipedia to reader’s attention. Unfortunately we have more sad news about this – see part 1 and part 2 from The Grayzone. Among other things, The Grayzone reports that websites, which printed lies for example in the lead-up to the 2003 invasion of Iraq, are listed as reliable by Wikipedia. However, other websites with factual reporting that undermines these regime-change deceptions, are censored by Wikipedia.

“Things are getting worse. Far worse.”

It is terrible to see the photo from the My Lai massacre in Vietnam and the “Collateral Murder” video of civilians being gunned down in Iraq, but the comparison by Joe Lauria on Consortium News of the reaction to the evidence of two war crimes is important. At the end of the article he quotes Yanis Varoufakis, the former Greek finance minister, who says regardig the treatment of Julian Assange: “Things are getting worse. Far worse.”

Lately we also found out that the US prosecutors have failed to include the “Collateral Murder” video revelations in the indictment against Assange. It reminds us about Harold Pinter’s words about war crimes that “never happened”. Or at least, that is what they want you to believe.

Are you goind to let them get away with it?

If so, don’t be surprised if things are getting far worse.

How long can science be ignored?

Many people, not least architects and engineers, have for years understood that the official explanation of what happened on September 11, 2001, cannot be true. Science shows that the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and others behind the official explanation must have misled the public. One can’t help asking, how long can science be ignored? And how could NIST be involved in this? And how long can mainstream media keep quiet about this or label science a “conspiracy theory”? Hopefully, this ignorance is now coming to an end, when the top construction news site in Canada has written an unbiased article about the collapse of WTC 7:

Sept. 11, 2001 is the tragedy of when two hijacked planes hit the WTC 1 and WTC 2 towers sending debris tumbling onto WTC 7. The NIST claimed that embers ignited a fire which then caused the 47-storey building to collapse on itself at 5:20 p.m., hours after the initial incident that morning.

“We have filed a request for correction because the NIST report is wrong,” says Ted Walter, spokesperson for AE911T, which is a group of 3,000 engineers, scientists and architects, including more than a dozen Canadians ones, that paid US$316,000 for the study.

“From an engineering perspective it is imperative to understand how and why this building came down under design load conditions,” said Walter.

Read the entire article in Daily Commercial News (and don’t miss the comments).

Joshua Schulte mistrial

When you search the internet for Joshua Schulte, it is suprising that not more recent news articles show up. He is the accused leaker of CIA hacking tools (“Vault 7” collection released by WikiLeaks 2017). On Techdirt, we can read that:

The verdict is now in, what there is of it. The case initially involved charges ranging from false statements to CFAA violations to copyright infringement (!) to child porn possession (!!!). Barely any of those charges have survived. A mistrial has been declared with jurors only finding Schulte guilty on the two least serious charges: false statements and contempt. Those won’t be enough to keep him in jail since he’ll likely be credited with time served. Schulte has been in jail since December of 2018.

This doesn’t mean it’s over.

According to the latest news we have found from Inner City Press:

The Government intends to re-try Mr. Schulte on the espionage charges … And we intend to move forward on the child pornography charges.

It makes you wonder if there is a strategy of some governments to destroy the reputation of the accused. Remember that WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange has been labeled a rapist, based on what the UN’s Nils Melzer calls fabricated evidence.