“We own them”

In an article published yesterday, Paul Craig Roberts wrote that:

the main European political figures are bought-and-paid-for by Washington. As a high US government official told me as long ago as the 1970s, “we own them; they belong to us.”

The same corruption seems to go deep also in much of European media, key government agencies and military. NATO is obviously a tool for that. Sweden is a discouraging example, which is year by year leaving neutrality and becoming involved in very questionable military activities, including alleged war of aggression, violent regime change and extrajudicial killings in far-away countries. How can anyone still believe that the individuals behind this are serving the Swedish people? In 1993, Cecilia Steen-Johnsson wrote a book exposing some of the hidden influence of NATO in Sweden. And last month, the magazine Filter wrote about Swedish propaganda against Russia. It is time to bring the corrupt individuals behind this to court, before they bring more of war. We as citizens are paying them with our taxes, but it is obvious that they are serving someone else.

Speaking the truth about torture

The only countries that have ever refused the former ambassador Craig Murray entry clearance are Uzbekistan and USA, after he exposed their cooperation on torture. If you only follow mainstream media you have probably missed this story, but you can find it for example on CommonDreams and The Real News Network. He has compared this to Russia, which never denied him entry, despite highly critical things he has published about Putin and about civil liberties in Russia. However, the latest news in this story is that after a RootsAction petition, he has finally been awarded a US visa. He will be going to Washington to chair the presentation of the Sam Adams Award to John Kiriakou – the CIA agent who blew the whistle on waterboarding, and was jailed for it. Also, he will be speaking at the World Beyond War conference at American University (which is said to be sold out, but much of it will be livestreamed by the The Real News Network).

9/11 Terror Trading: 15 years later

Professor Marc Chesney sees it as a responsibility to identify frauds and financial crimes. Watch the recent interview with him by Lars Schall about the likely insider trading related to the 9/11 tragedy. It is one of many examples of experts that disapprove the official 9/11 Commission Report.

Journalist facing death sentence in Bangladesh

According to Reprieve, the Bangladesh journalist Shafik Rehman has been falsely accused because of his attempts to investigate corruption and wrongdoing. See the call for Shafik Rehman’s freedom.

His case is one in a long row of reported human rights abuses in the country. According to Human Rights Watch:

The rights to freedom of speech and assembly are coming under sustained attack by Bangladesh’s increasingly authoritarian government. Bloggers and others espousing secular values have been killed or injured by extremist groups. Security forces continue enforced disappearances, killings, and arbitrary arrests with impunity. Bangladesh made some progress in ensuring better safety regulations in garment factories following the 2013 Rana Plaza building collapse, which killed thousands of workers. Government agencies continue to prosecute, and in some cases execute, those convicted of war crimes committed during the 1971 war of independence, despite concerns that the trials do not meet international standards. Bangladesh has the highest rate of marriage in the world for girls under 15.