About the murder of Olof Palme

On the 10 June 2020, Swedish chief prosecutor Krister Peterson named a deceased person as the main suspect for the murder of Olof Palme in 1986 and announced that the official investigation will be closed. Many have been critical agaist this, for example the journalist Nils Funcke (this link and all further links in this post […]

The cover-up of the murder of Olof Palme

Gunnar Wall is an award-winning Swedish journalist, who has written several books about the murder of Olof Palme on Sveavägen in Stockholm, 1986. On Gunnar Wall’s blog, you can read the remarkable story (in Swedish) of how a man named Ebbe Carlsson strived to establish a sham solution to the unsolved murder and how this […]

”Know that the police is involved”

Robert Gustafsson, a well known Swedish comedian and actor, recently spoke about the murder of Olof Palme. The following is a translation from a Swedish article in Newsner: On February 28, 1986, he was just a short distance from Palme. Now he’s sure. The Palme murder was a commissioned work. “I know that the police is involved,” […]

Daniele Ganser’s book on NATO

Last year, the Swedish translation of NATO’s Secret Armies was published. The following is a translation to English of a book review in Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet: Speculative about power Conspiracy takes over and Bush is being blamed Book reviews Thu 22 Dec 2016 Eleven years have passed since Daniele Ganser published his to journalism processed dissertation […]

NATO-connection to murders of two prominent Swedes?

We have on this blog earlier written about NATO’s criminal past. Now a new book in Swedish by the journalist Gunnar Wall, Konspiration Olof Palme, shows that there is a possible NATO-connection to the murders of two prominent Swedes. UN Secretary-General Dag Hammarskjöld was together with the other people onboard killed in connection with a plane […]

‘Stay Behind’ must be fully investigated

During the Cold War, so called ‘Stay Behind’ movements were started by NATO/CIA in several European counties. In some countries, like Switzerland, ‘Stay Behind’ has been investigated. It was also condemned by the European parliament. However, the demands for an investigation of ‘Stay Behind’ in Sweden have so far been ignored. In a Swedish article last year, […]