More news from Austria

  • In Austria, people will not only be forced to vaccinate themselves against Covid. They police has even used physical force in order to force Covid testing of a person, against her will. Afterwards, a court has decided that this was illegal. However, it is also reported that “Compulsory testing is legally possible, but must be ordered by the authorities.” The authority should also have checked the proportionality beforehand. Read the article (in German).
  • Last week, around 200 doctors in Austria sent an open letter. The undersigned question the effectiveness and safety of the vaccine in healthy people under 65 with no risk factors. The names of eight school doctors appear in the signature list. They now risk loosing their jobs, because they are critical of vaccinations. Read the article (in German).
  • A professor, who is critical against the handling of the Corona crisis, has been fired from his work at the Medical University of Vienna. The professor recently held a press conference together with a leading politician in Austria. Read the article (in German).