Updates about Assange and Bini

This month, Julian Assange turned 50 in solitary confinement in the UK, while accused by the US of violating the Espionage Act. Read about the latest revelations about reckless methods used against Assange and the controversial prosecutor at the heart of the case. Soon, the documentary Ithaka will have its world premiere at the Melbourne International Film Festival. The film offers insight into the efforts to save Assange. Earlier this year, Nils Melzer’s new book about the Assange case was published in English and German. A Swedish translation should be available this fall.

Recently, a judge in Equador decided to prosecute Ola Bini, accused of hacking into Ecuador’s national telecommunications company (link to article in Swedish). Bini, who was arrested already in 2019 only hours after Ecuador revoked immunity for Bini’s friend Assange, denies any wrongdoing. Bini’s Swedish legal representative Thomas Bodström says that Bini’s Ecuadorian defender Carlos Soria has been refused to submit evidence proving Bini’s innocence, and that what is happening is reminiscent of legal proceedings in Belarus and Russia.