More about M/S Estonia

The Swedish minister for home affairs is now asked for a new investigaton of the military transports that took place on M/S Estonia (all links in this post are to content in Swedish). However, it is not likely that the whole truth will be told this time either. Some aspects regarding M/S Estonia are surrounded by extreme secrecy. The Swedish police and Swedish military have secret information. Even in the USA there are secret documents about M/S Estonia, which are kept hidden “because their disclosure could reasonably be expected to cause serious damage to the national security”. Drew Wilson has written about this in his book The Hole.

It would have been interesting if the minister was also asked why the Swedish government didn’t want to see the video material, which showed a hole in the hull of M/S Estonia? And what were the real reasons for turning down the request for a Truth Commission (proposed by Stiftelsen Estoniaoffer och Anhöriga)?

Now we are told it will take at least one more year until the hull of M/S Estonia is investigated properly. Therefore, the Swedish Accident Investigation Authority has been reported to the police for protection of criminals, although it is known that such police reports don’t lead anywhere. The Swedish state cannot properly investigate state crime nowadays, especially when the Swedish state is one of the suspects.