Demonstration in Stockholm

In the beginning of the Corona situation, Sweden avoided repressive measures, but this has changed over time. Many are worried that disrespect for fundamental freedoms and rights is becoming the hallmark also of the Swedish government, their authorities and mainstream media.

Yesterday, a demonstration was held in Stockholm for the constitutionally protected right to meet and move freely. Very different views of the demonstration are presented by different media. Those who understand Swedish can, for example, listen to Swedish Radio and “Tusenmannamarschen” on Folkets Radio.

On the main web page of Swedish Radio, they quote a chief of police saying that the protesters were “more persistent and violent than our basic scenario”. The police prouldly declare they will try to indentify the demonstrators. It is interesting and alarming to see how Swedish Radio and the police give a one-sided view, painting a very negative picture of the demonstration while they omit other important information.

Folkets Radio reports about troublemakers, suspected of trying to disturb the demonstration to turn it violent. A couple of freelance journalists also witnessed a brutal assault, in which some masked men attacked returning protesters at a given signal.

Saboteurs destroying demonstrations by turning them violent is acutally a pattern, which has been seen in Sweden before. But not a word about that, or about police violence during the demonstration, from Swedish Radio.

Public service media like Swedish Radio are supposed to be provide impartial information and reflect the world in different perspectives (all links in this post to content in Swedish). The police is supposed to defend democracy. And so on. Are they now all failing?

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