Joshua Schulte mistrial

When you search the internet for Joshua Schulte, it is suprising that not more recent news articles show up. He is the accused leaker of CIA hacking tools (“Vault 7” collection released by WikiLeaks 2017). On Techdirt, we can read that:

The verdict is now in, what there is of it. The case initially involved charges ranging from false statements to CFAA violations to copyright infringement (!) to child porn possession (!!!). Barely any of those charges have survived. A mistrial has been declared with jurors only finding Schulte guilty on the two least serious charges: false statements and contempt. Those won’t be enough to keep him in jail since he’ll likely be credited with time served. Schulte has been in jail since December of 2018.

This doesn’t mean it’s over.

According to the latest news we have found from Inner City Press:

The Government intends to re-try Mr. Schulte on the espionage charges … And we intend to move forward on the child pornography charges.

It makes you wonder if there is a strategy of some governments to destroy the reputation of the accused. Remember that WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange has been labeled a rapist, based on what the UN’s Nils Melzer calls fabricated evidence.