Set Julian Assange free

See the new petition to set Julian Assange free on, which you are also welcome to sign. Many have already done so already. The petition refers to the UN’s Nils Melzer and highlights Sweden’s responsibility:

Assange was arrested for breach of bail in the UK, an act which is not a crime, as he feared extradition to Sweden for accusations of rape raised by the Swedish police. Melzer holds that Assange subsequent fear of extradition to Sweden and then further to the US was well founded.

The UN report argues that this and a number of other serious breaches of law may have been carried out by the authorities during the process against Assange. Sweden has, since it started this ball to roll, under the Protection from torture treaty (CAT) a responsibility also for the pain inflicted upon Assange in Belmarsh and Britain. The Swedish prosecutor and police have refused to respond to claims presented in letter of 12 September 2019. Not to respond to the Melzer/UN report and the serious accusations it presents is unacceptable. It undermines the authority of the United Nations.

Also a group of international jurists are calling for Julian Assange’s immediate release. The jurists’ letter to British authorities asks for the rule of law to be upheld.