Peculiar way of treating suspected terrorists who have been active in Syria

Swedish media have been keen on reporting about the children of IS terrorists. Today there is also a report about Sweden hosting a meeting on a possible tribunal against suspected IS terrorists (link to Swedish content). However, none of the countries involved wants to cooperate with Syrian government on this, even if the crimes have been committed there. It is also peculiar how some of these western countries have ealier treated suspected terrorists. Mark Curtis wrote in Middle East Eye:

In 2015, a court case collapsed at the Old Bailey against a Swedish national, Bherlin Gildo, accused of attending a terrorist training camp to fight in Syria, when it became clear that British intelligence agencies were supporting the same opposition groups as he was. British media reported that Gildo was fighting either with Nusra or a linked jihadist group, the Kataib al-Muhajireen.

It has been claimed that also the Swedish Security Service (Säpo) helped this terroris suspect to be set free and that the suspect now lives under a different name in Sweden (links to articles in Swedish).

Can this have anything to do with the Swedish government’s earlier involvment with opposition groups in the Syrian conflict? Read more in Swedish about the “democracy support” claimed to have turned into terrorist support. For some reason, it’s very quiet about some of these topics.