German-Israeli cooperation on submarines suitable for nuclear arms continues

Against the rules, Germany has during many years made arms deals with Israel. In a recent article about a new submarine, The Times of Israel writes:

Israel’s submarines are seen as a key strategic asset for the Jewish state. According to foreign reports, the vessels are able to carry nuclear missiles and grant Israel a “second strike” capability, meaning the ability to launch atomic weapons even if the homeland is attacked.

Note the wording “According to foreign reports” in the above.

A six-part article in Spiegel Online has explaind more on this subject, including the censorship that applies in Israel.

In another article, The real German submarine scandal, Victor Gilinsky wrote in 2017:

Israel is absorbed with a “submarine scandal” that centers on improprieties in the award of a billion-dollar contract under which Israel would acquire three new advanced German submarines. (Germany has already delivered five of the subs, on a previous contract for six.) It came to light that the prime minister’s personal lawyer was on the payroll of the submarine builder, ThyssenKrupp. Then it turned out that Iran, which figures heavily in the motive for getting the submarines, owns 4.5 percent of ThyssenKrupp and so would gain a profit from their sale. On top of that, there is a Lebanese connection to the German builder, too. But the real scandal is that Germany supplies the submarines at all, and does so through a loophole in the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).

The develpment of nuclear weapons in Israel has during many years been hidden from the Israeli people and parliament. Read about the kidnapping and imprisonment of whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu.