Swedish propaganda

Some Swedes are starting to understand that they are living in a world of propaganda dominated by the West. While the official story is that primarily Russia is behind fake news and disinformation (link to news in English about a heavily criticized report), others ask how long the hypocrisy will continue? For example, earlier this year Göte Marjavaara wrote about how he thinks Swedish Television (SVT) behaves when talking about NATO and West as friendly while Russia is a constant threat. He writes:

When will those in power ensure that SVT goes from spreading propaganda to working legally as a public-service company?

As far as we know, SVT has not responded to this in any way. Read more (in Swedish) on the following links: Göte Marjavaara’s summary of distorted news, Sven Ruin about democracy and Fokus about Sweden’s secret propaganda soldiers. The latter highlights how Swedish military is actually conducting offensive psychological operations in other countries.

Smear campaigns have also appeared against some of the Swedes who try to tell the truth, for example by Dagens Nyheter.