Speaking the truth about torture

The only countries that have ever refused the former ambassador Craig Murray entry clearance are Uzbekistan and USA, after he exposed their cooperation on torture. If you only follow mainstream media you have probably missed this story, but you can find it for example on CommonDreams and The Real News Network. He has compared this to Russia, which never denied him entry, despite highly critical things he has published about Putin and about civil liberties in Russia. However, the latest news in this story is that after a RootsAction petition, he has finally been awarded a US visa. He will be going to Washington to chair the presentation of the Sam Adams Award to John Kiriakou – the CIA agent who blew the whistle on waterboarding, and was jailed for it. Also, he will be speaking at the World Beyond War conference at American University (which is said to be sold out, but much of it will be livestreamed by the The Real News Network).