Legal action against CETA

German NGOs are taking legal action to invalidate the EU’s planned “Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement” (CETA) with Canada. Just like the “Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership” (TTIP), which is a planned similar agreement between the EU and USA, CETA is not acceptable because it is against the principle of equality before the law. Many, including the British Labour party, have realized that TTIP is bad. It is obvious that “free trade” is just a disguise. However, the Swedish trade union confederation “Landsorganisationen” (LO) buyes the lies about free trade and underestimates the dangers with these agreements. When LO today states that they welcome such negotiations, they are playing with fire in a game they or their members cannot win.

I, who am writing this blog post, work in a Swedish company that frequently buys products made in the USA and Canada. Therefore I can testify that import and export between these countries works very well as it is, without such new agreements. We also do exports. To simplify trade with other countries than USA and Canada would be much more helpful for us, for example regarding exportation from Sweden to Brazil, because that is where the difficult isses are.

Be aware that there is a risk that CETA passes more unnoticed and paves the way for TTIP and other similar bad deals. As we have earlier warned for, it is part of a pattern, selling out Europe.