Legality of NATO-collaboration questioned

Both Finland and Sweden signed so called Host Nation Support Agreements with NATO during 2014.

In Finland, Antero Jyränki (professor emeritus of law and long time expert in the constitutional law committee) questions this and says “the defence policy has run over the fundamental law“.

This seems to be true for Sweden also, where the agreement is awaiting an expected approval by the parliament later this year. The Swedish lawyer Per Åberg has pointed out that if the agreement is activated (that is, Sweden invites NATO to conduct operations on Swedish territory), NATO can simply take over. Also, agreement details can be changed out of democratic control. We think that such an agreement, as well as the already existing hidden influence related to NATO, is not compatible with the preamble of Sweden’s fundamental law, which says that all public power in Sweden emanates from the people. The Swedish “No to NATO” network has launched a petition against the agreement, which can be signed on their website.

However, it is obvious that the chance of stopping such agreements is at this time close to zero, because FInland and Sweden – together with most other European countries – appear to have been puppets of Washington for a long time. Paul Craig Roberts is one of many US experts, who has warned for the risk that this is leading to war.