Western countries’ actions cause the refugee crisis

Yesterday an opinion piece about violent regieme changes brought up the issue of accountability, also for western military and politicians. Two of the authors, Leif Elinder and Sven Ruin, are members of Accoun’s interim board.

A number of major newspapers had refused to publish the piece, which is now spread on social media. In the information war that is ongoing, Sweden is dominated by western propaganda. As an example, mainstream media fooled Sweden to participate in the attack on Libya, but have no regrets. And it is getting even worse. Recently, we have read that a secret group will face Russian information warfare and Sweden wants to learn about information warfare from NATO. That is part of a series of huge failures of the Swedish defence, which threatens democracy and contributed to the complicity in causing the largest refugee crisis in modern history.

(All links in this post are to articles in Swedish, which can be translated online, but be aware that such translations are usually not perfect.)