Misery in the Name of Freedom

The book title above could have been used about Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria or Ukraine, just to mention a few recent examples, where the USA/NATO is a common denominator for the misery. However, the book Misery in the Name of Freedom by Al Burke is about Nicaragua. Although the events in the book took place many years ago, the book is highly relevant today, not least for those who may have any illusions about mainstream news. According to the former CIA analyst David MacMichael:

Anyone who reads this book will come away with an understanding
of how it has been possible that in the Unites States,
with its supposedly free press, the big liars have managed to
sell the big lies of the Reagan administration’s campaign of
terror against Nicaragua. Burke has put the facts together in a
way that will shock and anger newcomers to the subject,
while providing even well-versed readers with fresh data and

If more people had read Misery in the Name of Freedom, and if those responsible for the crime and abuse of power described in the book had been properly held accountable, not only Nicaragua would probably be much better off.

The new edition can be downloaded, free of charge, on the webpage of Nordic News Network.