Record number of asylum-seekers from Afghanistan

When the latest war started in Afghanistan in 2001, the number of asylum-seekers in Sweden from Afghanistan went up. Since then, this number has not only remained at over 400 people per year, it is now at an all-time high of 5694 people during eight months (the numbers come from the Swedish Migration Agency’s present and historical data). There can of course be many reasons for this increase and the Swedish data does not give the full picture of the situation. Most Afghan refugees are in Pakistan. In total, 3.7 million Afghans are estimated to have been displaced. Behind such numbers are countless tragedies, such as the refugees found dead in a truck earlier this year.

Asylum-seekers in Sweden from Afghanistan

In any case, the refugee situation should make everyone question what the purpose of this war really was and what happened there? For example, was a purpose of involving Sweden to make us complicit in crime (which may be wanted by the main perpetrator)? Not officially, of course. However, a recent article about Swedish involvement in so-called kill decisions regarding airstrikes, mostly by drones, indicates that. There are also other sources claiming Swedes are involved in extrajudicial killings. Is this really helping the Afghan people?