The quiet press

Sometimes, the press is remarkably quiet. So quiet, that we understand the subject is very important.

The Spiegel’s recent news about an attack on press freedom is a clear example. How come that so much of the other media, which are otherwise so keen to stand up for the freedom of the press, are not even reporting a single line about this? As Harold Pinter said before about similar matters related to the United States, it is as if it never happened.

Last week, news also emerged about the government surveillance of Amnesty International, by GCHQ, which is cooperating with the US. This has also been underreported in a remarkable way, for example in Sweden. Amnesty’s Swedish website had not even mentioned this news on their own website, at the time of writing this blog post.

The Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter instead praises the US for their defense of freedom, democracy and human rights. Read the editorial by Martin Liby Alonso and a comment by Anders Romelsjö (both in Swedish).