It is the accountability that counts

The recent report on torture carried out by the USA received much attention already before it was published. For example, we were reminded by Dan Froomkin about important caveats to keep in mind. The report was a big step towards justice, but many cases were actually already known to the public and the real test of justice is if anyone will be held accountable for the torture (and for similar crimes not included in the report). We all know that the legal system does not work as it should in the USA. That nation with “liberty and justice for all”, simply does not exist any longer (if it ever did). Unfortunately the same thing can be said about many other parts of the world, too. But don’t give up. We live in dark times now, but one day the light will come back. That will probably happen sooner, if we all say that we don’t accept the atrocities, nor the impunity. One way to do that is to sign the petition Stop Torture: Accountability: YES – Impunity: NO.