Victim of assassination attempt wakes up

An imam, known to be critical against the Uzbek regime, was in 2012 shot in an assassination attempt in Strömsund, Sweden. He survived, but has been in a coma until now.

A short time after the attack, suspicion was directed against the Uzbek intelligence service. According to his son, the family is still receiving threats.

One person believed to be located outside Sweden is arrested in absentia on suspicion of attempted murder. In Sweden, two people were indicted for helping to track down the imam. They were acquitted, however, because it was not proven that they had known about the murder plans. The police investigation may now be taken up again.

– We’ve never heard the imam, so if his health improves so much that we can hear him it would be of tremendously valuable, says the local chief of police Göran Bergström, according to Swedish Radio.

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