Like a growing cancer on society

In many countries of the world, so-called intelligence organizations are expanding their work, like a growing cancer on society. We will probably never fully know what these organizations, like the Swedish FRA, are doing with all this money. However, the Swedish newspaper DN has reported that FRA has repeatedly broken rules and pushed the boundaries of what is permissible. It is obvious that FRA is cooperating with foreign organizations involved in very questionable activities, like spying on European politicians. Despite this, a spokesperson for FRA recently said that ‘the reason we give out raw data to other countries is that we trust those we work with, and that we ourselves seek this type of information’, according to an article in Ny Teknik.

When members of Sweden’s Parliamentary Defense Committee visited FRA earlier this month, they hade before sent a number of questions, of which some were not answered by FRA. We are very surprised to read that some politicians who participated in the visit, still expressed that they were content and had confidence in FRA. As citizens and taxpayers, we have many reasons not to be content with the intelligence community, and how could we have confidence when insight is so reduced?