Honour Jean Charles de Menezes, not his killers

In 2005, Jean Charles da Silva e de Menezes was killed by police on a London tube train. The police is also believed to have mislead the pathologist. Nobody was prosecuted or disciplined for the killing or for the lies. Now, an officer who led the police operation has been honoured instead.

A letter on behalf of Menezes’ family states:

As a family, we have always felt that those at the highest level, the commissioner and those in operational command, should be held responsible for the mistakes and for the misinformation and lies that were told by the police.

Without that, how will it be possible for people to have confidence in the police?

World Trade Center Building 7 collapse not caused by fire

Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth (AE911Truth) is a nonprofit organization of architects, engineers, and affiliates dedicated to establishing the truth about the events of September 11, 2001.

Over three thousand architects and engineers have signed AE911Truth’s petition, demanding a truly independent investigation, including a full inquiry into the possible use of explosives that might have been the actual cause of the destruction of the World Trade Center Twin Towers and Building 7.

Read the new study, prepared by University of Alaska Fairbanks for AE911Truth, about the World Trade Center Building 7 collapse. The report concludes that the collapse of Building 7 was caused not by fire but rather by the near-simultaneous failure of every column in the building.

More about Ola Bini’s case

Nowadays, being a friend of WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange seems to be enough cause for some authorities to harass you. Read the press release by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), which says that Ola Bini’s case is political, not criminal. Bini has been released from detention, but according to an interview in Swedish by Swedish Television, Bini is still not allowed to leave Ecuador, his equipment is still confiscated, he does not know what he is accused of and the police/prosecutor has only asked him to give up his passwords. According to the latest news from the beginning of August, the investigation against Bini has been extended.

Investigate European leaders for crimes against humanity

A group of lawyers are asking the International Criminal Court to investigate the European Union for crimes against humanity, arguing that their policies are responsible for thousands of migrant deaths and widespread rape and torture. The lawyer Juan Branco,  who is a co-author of the refugee report, is also an adviser to WikiLeaks.

Juan Branco. Photo: Yale University [public domain] / Wikimedia Commons.

There are actually even more related issues to investigate European leaders for, not least their role behind the NATO-led attack on Libya in 2011, which included catching Muammar Gaddafi, who was then murdered. This is a root cause of many of the later problems. Gaddafi actually predicted the flow of migrants from Africa that would follow the bombing of Libya and tried to warn for it.

Only a few years before that, European and other leaders had been friendly with Gaddafi. Tony Blair eved agreed to train Gaddafi’s special forces.

A “family” photo at the G-8 summit in L’Aquila, Italy, 2009. First rank: Silvio Berlusconi, Giorgio Napolitano (president of Italy), Nicolas Sarkozy, Barack Obama, Meles Zenawi (second row), Lula, Hosni Mubarak (back) and Muammar Gaddafi. Photo: Pete Souza [public domain] / Wikimedia Commons.

Circle of the Golden Lion

One week ago, it was revealed in Swedish media that a group of Swedish reserve officers are part of a hidden organization together with foreign military personnel, with the purpose to  influence policies and decisions behind the scenes in the NATO area. The organization is called Circle of the Golden Lion (COGL). Watch the documentary on TV4 Play (in Swedish, only available in Sweden for a limited time). Otherwise, there is little reporting about other organizations working to influence policies and decisions behind the scenes. Why the focus on COGL but not on other organizations that may have larger influence?